The Importance of Ye and Thee in the KJV

the importance of ye and thee in the KJV

Most modern bible translations omit the words ye, thee, thou, thy and thine, but this has great importance for readers, as the Bible translators were aware that thee, thou, thy and thine were singular, while ye, you, and your speak universally to all people.

Let’s look at the famous John 3:7, where Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus.

Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born againJohn 3:7

Popular modern Bible translations like the NIV and NLT have amended the word ye to you giving the expression that Jesus is telling Nicodemus only that he must be born again. However, the KJV translators knew that ye, you, and your were plural and spoke to more than one, which is why Ye is used in this particular scripture. So while Jesus is speaking solely to Nicodemus, when He says ‘ye’ He is speaking to all readers. The KJV does not confuse, like other translations. This is why I recommend the KJV.

The Holy Bible is a long book to read, and therefore we want a translation that feeds our soul as we read, without any added confusion. So now you know why the thee, thou, thy, thine, and ye’s are in the King James Bible, and they do add importance and clarity to the scriptures. Thee, thou, thy, and thine are addressed to a single person, while ye, you, and your is universal and addressed to all.

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