All Praise to You Glorious Father For Your Amazing Grace Through Jesus Christ

Without your sacrifice, Jesus, we would have no way of returning to Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Our Father would not be able to hear our prayers because of our sin, but You Jesus made the way possible, so thank you expanding your love to the gentiles, also for Your love, Your compassion, Your kindness, Your mercy, Your grace, Your blessings, Your forgiveness.

You have given us life today. The Jews rejected their Lord, but one day they will be saved, but God extended His amazing mercy to the gentiles (non-jews). Everyone who is living in this world today, You have given Life to, and some may rejoice in this truth, and other reject it, but every person today, if they have heard the Gospel, can find rest for their soul because of what You did. May people glorify Your name today, Jesus, and glorify The Father.

We have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for your blessings. Thank you for trials and circumstances that help us to depend on You, that increase our patience, and faith. Thank you for all that You do. Thank you Holy Spirit for residing in us, creating us anew, giving us the gift of Eternal Life because of what Jesus Christ has done. This one-time only powerful sacrifice and His shed blood will help us overcome the enemy, pulling down strongholds, releasing curses, and releasing the power of God within all those who reside in the Body of Christ. Help us to be conquerers in this world, Father. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. Glory to your name.